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An article at ReliablePlant about Harley-Davidson's stories towards PdM

by webmaster last modified 2007-07-24 23:40

ReliablePlant Issue July 2007 has posted a long article "Harley-Davidson: Born to be ... predictable" authored by Paul V. Arnold. The article includes many of Harley-Davidson's stories in pursuit of Predictive Maintenance (PdM). One section of the article, "Intelligent Solution",  talks about Harley-Davidson's engagement with IMS center in the past seven years.

Here is an excerpt:

Since 1999, the company and especially the Menomonee Falls plant have financially backed research done by Dr. Jay Lee in the field of intelligent maintenance systems (IMS). Professor Lee initially founded the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Today, the program resides at the University of Cincinnati. His groundbreaking work is developing condition-based sensing technologies that can predict and forecast equipment performance to a point where "near-zero breakdown" status is achievable.

This summer, the plant will be a pioneer in truly employing intelligent maintenance.

This implementation project has been two years in the making. In 2005, the maintenance department purchased wireless sensing equipment from Techkor Instrumentation. A student from Lee's program spent all of last summer at the plant developing a computer program that uses a triggering mechanism to initiate the capture of monitoring data from a machine. In essence, it leap-frogs time-based sensing capabilities and delivers data collection at the first sign of an event or anomaly.

Read the full article.

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