Paper on Industrial AI published in the Manufacturing Leadership Council Journal

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IMS Center Director Professor Jay Lee, Dr. Jaskaran Singh and PhD Researcher Cyrus Azamfar have published a paper on Industrial AI in the 2019 issue of the prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Council Journal.

Specifically, Professor Lee and team provide an overview of the history of disruptive technologies in manufacturing and the current state of smart manufacturing. Also introduced is the concept of Industrial AI, a term coined by Professor Jay Lee, as well as the five-level Cyber-Physical Production Systems (5C-CPPS) for harnessing the power of AI in manufacturing and industry.

This comprehensive step-by-step strategy for leveraging the enabling technologies for implementing industrial AI, categorized by the authors as Data Technologies (DT), Analytic Technologies (AT), Platform Technologies (PT) and Operations Technologies (OT). Without these enabling technologies, many of which have been, and are being, adopted by industry or this standardized approach, it is impossible for industries to achieve the benefits of smart manufacturing through Industrial AI.

You can read the full paper here.

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