Industrial AI Workshop at PHM 2018

Professor Jay Lee, Dr. Hossein Davari, and Dr. Jaskaran Singh will lead an industrial AI workshop at the 2018 PHM conference.

Industrial AI is a systematic discipline which focuses on developing, validating and deploying various machine learning algorithms for industrial applications with sustainable performance. Combined with the state-of-the-art sensing, communication and big data analytics platforms, a systematic Industrial AI methodology will allow integration of physical systems with computational models. The concept of Industrial AI is in infancy stage and may encompass the collective use of technologies such as Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems and Big Data Analytics under the Industry 4.0 initiative where embedded computing devices, smart objects and the physical environment interact with each other to reach intended goals. Advanced Industries such as automotive, aerospace, health care, semiconductors, and industrial manufacturing could harness the power of Industrial AI to gain insight into the health condition and consistency of their machines and processes and use that insight to maximize their uptime, productivity and efficiency of their operations. In terms of predictive maintenance, Industrial AI can detect incipient changes in the system and determine the expected time to system failure; allowing them to optimize maintenance tasks in real time, maximizing the useful life of their equipment while still avoiding disruption to operations.

The workshop will introduce the advances in Industrial AI enabling technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems under the Industry 4.0 architecture. The workshop will introduce system tools of Industrial AI such as Data technology, Analytic Technology, Platform Technology and Operation technology that can facilitate the realization of a fully functional smart industry. The workshop would cover the state of the art AI computation technologies and methodologies in Industrial applications such as Deep learning, SVM, SOM etc. In addition, industrial case studies will be provided to demonstrate the implementation of such technologies. The workshop is addressed to engineers, scientists, operations managers, educators, small business principals and system designers interested to learn how these emerging technologies can impact their work environment.

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